Ican Program



I tried out for the Ican program at a high school. The Ican program is a program about computers and learning about programing and other cool stuff. I wanted to try out for this program because I really want to program and learn all of the functions of the computers. The Ican program looks hard and you need a lot of concentration for this program. And what is going to be even better is that I have some of my friends the program with me.

Image property of iCan | Heritage Regional High School

Big Upgrade On My Science Project

I have an idea about the processing of my science board and where to put the information.  My results were actually pretty good and my hypothesis was also right. The hardest step in my science experiment was waiting for the battery to end. Doing the experiment two times took me more than one complete day let me tell you that at one point doing the science experiment got a bit boring. I am at the phase that I have to type up the information on the computer and then put the information on my bristle board.

Planning My Science Board

I have done my battery experiment and recorded the data needed. By the weekend I will get a bristle board to work on and add information and photos of the experiment. Such as a chart of information and photos of the experiment itself. The science fair will start March 26. That means I will finish my bristle board by the end of March 19. Which that leaves me 1 week to practice my experiment before the science fair.


Materials Needed:

-Bristle Board

-3 kinds of batteries  (owned)

-little motor  (owned)



Those are pictures about different masks. I chose to write about masks because their emotional and fun to look at. Also because I’ve always liked wooden masks and their shapes and colors. The first mask that looks like an eagle was made in the 19th century made by the Tlingit. The black and white mask represents sadness and happiness( famous symbol). The mask painting is not modern art it was in the foundation collection 1922-1967. The last mask is an Asian mask made out of wood.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Asiatische_Holzmaske.jpg

Photo Credit: Original file

Photo Credit: http://www.clker.com/clipart-30136.html

Photo Credit: Photograph: Andreas Praefcke



I broke a vase … almost

danOne day I was in my living room playing soccer with a soft soccer ball and kicked a very high vase and the vase was at literally 1mm of falling on the ground and breaking. That day I didn’t play soccer any more in my living room because I knew I had been very lucky and I don’t want that to reproduce. From now on when I play soccer in my living room I always remove that vase and play soccer without trying to hit something. The best of that experience is that my parents didn’t see anything… hope they don’t read my post. I don’t think it is a good idea to play soccer in my living room because I could break lamps and other precious stuff that my parents wouldn’t like to see broken, but I can’t help not playing soccer in my living room.

Photo Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Football_(soccer_ball).svg


March Break 2015!

I am looking forward to March break because it has been a long time since I haven’t been on a long vacation. At March break I am going to my grandfather’s house, it is kind of like a farm. At my grandparents’ house I go in the woods, drive my ATV and do a lot of activities that I like. I like going in the woods because I can do almost everything I like such as building tipis and doing survival stuff. I never get bored of staying at my grandparents’ house because I always have something to do. At the end of the day I get to sleep later than usual. I can’t wait until March break!

Photo Credit: Clearshot  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Aerial_view_of_farm.jpgDan Max

Nightmare At School

The boy in the movie is afraid of: getting lost in his high school, missing his school classes, not having a lot of friends and getting bullied by other people. The boy kept missing his classes and getting lost in the school not knowing his way through. And some people laughed at him during class time which made him feel weaker. People in the school laughed at the boy when the boy was lost in the school and made him feel bad. When people looked at him they didn’t look interested in him and he felt like he wasn’t  belonging anywhere Although at the end of the movie the boy completes a presentation with success and has good memories about his friends  and people who were kind to him which made him feel happy. In the movie the art type work is surrealism which means fake. In the movie the background and pictures are twisted and full of shapes in them. The illustrations in the movie are mostly drew with lines and shapes with color in them.

I think the meaning is don’t get over stressed with stuff that has to do with work or anything because you think something bad will happen. Think positive and think about the good things and forget all about the bad things.

 Photo Credit: https://media1.nfb.ca/medias/nfb_tube/jackets/nightmare_at_school.jpg

My Eyes

What can I say, if I didn’t have you I wouldn’t see the world.

If I didn’t have you, life would be pitch black every time.

I wouldn’t see limes for long time.

If I didn’t have you, life would be lonely and cranky.

I couldn’t see the world itself if I didn’t have myself.

My eyes are blue like the ocean.

My eyes are blue, the ocean is blue the sky is blue.

 How could I know the things that are blue without my eyes?

The Special Guest

One day in a basement there was a boy named Zack and he was 9 years old. Once Zack found little green fury and only 3cm high creatures behind his basement door. At first he was scared but after he was happy to have little friends to play with while his parents aren’t looking. Zack kept it a secret, he even didn’t tell it to his best friends. The creatures were hot so they got some ice in the refrigerator. They stayed in the refrigerator until Zack’s parents got home. Life was a bit better now for Zack because he had finally company. He wouldn’t like his parents to now that there were aliens in their house because it will totally tick them off. It was a pretty secret life for Zack. He needed to hide the small creatures in his wardrobe which his parents never look in it. Once his parents almost looked at the creatures in Zack’s closet. But Zack had a dog which could detect the aliens and tell his parents. So Zack decided to keep his dog out of his room. The temperature went from hotter to hotter. So the aliens were about to die but Zack gave them some ice just in time. Zack kept only thinking about his creature he didn’t care about anything else but his creatures. One day Zack`s mother was feeling worried about Zack because he didn’t invite any friends over so Zack`s mother invited a friend for Zack. Zack was in big trouble because his friend could maybe see the aliens and tell his parents. Continue reading

Face Off By Ken Danby

I chose this painting because I love hockey and the colors. Some colors are cool colors and some colors are warm. Their are some dull colors when you look at the top of the painting. The feeling is the audience is cheering and happy but the players and the coach are serious.

My First Impression

When I looked at this painting I said to myself “I’m going to like this painting. When I realized the coach was staring at you with a dirty look I new this was mysterious. The crowd is cheering but on the rink the players and coach are normal (serious).


Photo Credit: http://www.artcountrycanada.com/danby1.htmDan painting By Ken Danby

About Ken Danby


Ken Danby was born March 6 1940 at Sault Ste Marie. And died in September 23 2007 at Algonquin Provincial Park, Nipissing District. Ken Danby went to school at Ontario College of Art to study and learn more art teqniques. In 1961 Ken participated in the first ever outdoor exhibition of art in Ontario and won the exhibition. Ken’s first solo in 1964 was sold out. In 1975 Ken was accepted in the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in Ontario. In 1980 Danby prepared a series of watercolor paintings about the Americas cup and the Canadian athletes in the 1984 winter Olympics In 1997 Ken Danby received an honorary doctorate of fine arts in Laurentian University. Ken Danby has a school and a street named after him. Ken’s style of art is realism. Realism is a kind of style that looks like it is a real picture. Ken Danby is known for his talent of creating realistic highly performance pictures.



Here are other paintings that I like about Ken Danby.

One of my favourite paintings about Ken Danby is At The Crease because my passion is hockey and also because i like old time hockey. The goalie looks focused and serious and most of the colors are dull and dark. It also isn’t in I light colors because the goalie is stressed and is serious.

crease2Photo Credit: http://www.kendanbyart.ca/files/store/default.htm

Another of my favourite paintings by Ken Danby is Above Hawkes ville because there are people building an ice rink and I think it is pretty creative idea. The mood is like if it was in an early cold morning and the trees are bright. The colors are not really bright or dark so it is half dark and half bright colors.


Above hawkes vilklwe

Photo Credit: http://www.artcountrycanada.com/danby-above-hawkesville.htm


The Last Battery Standing

Last December I was talking about a lot of science experiments and I did my final decision and it is the battery experiment. I will do the experiment itself and a bit later and I will tell you the results. Down below is the information that you need to make this experiment.


Title: The Best Battery

Question: Which battery do you think will last the longest?


  • Try to buy batteries that have the same expiration date or almost the same.
  • Brand-name batteries:
  • Rayovac
  • Energizer
  • Duracell
  • Eveready
  • Panasonic
  • Generic brands:
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
  • Kirkland (Costco)
  • Notebook
  • Clock or watch
  • Tape (Label)


  1. Buy about 3 batteries of the following (2Brand-name batteries and 1 Generic Brand battery.
  2. Use a flashlight or a motor to test which battery lasts the longest.
  3. Record on a chart which battery lasts the longest on a chart that includes all of the information needed such as how much time did it last, expiration date, is it alkaline or not, battery name, brand name or generic and the cost.


Hypothesis: I think the Energizer battery will last the longest between all the batteries.

I Wonder: If I use a motor instead of a flashlight will it be easier to test and take less time?