The Blog That Inspired Me Edublogs Challenge

The blog that inspired me to write about baseball is Adam’ blog. Adam wrote about baseball and gave me the idea of writing about baseball,  my third favorite sport. Before I didn’t have the idea of writing about baseball until I found Adams blog.

In 2014 was the first year that I played baseball. I played baseball with Edward and other of my team mates in the team of Kodiak de Candiac. It was pretty stressing at first because when I went to batting I got hit by the ball and it hurt a little bit so it wasn’t really fun.

668 Candiac School (My Ideal School)

My ideal school would have the required subjects plus sports and robotics (technic computer). My ideal school would have two floors and two gyms. The grades would be from Kindergarden to Secondary five.

In my ideal school everybody would have a macbook pro and at least one hour and a half of gym time every day.

Everybody won’t have homework but have longer school periods and longer work to do. Students who don’t want to go outside are not obligated to go outside and make their own descision. There will be no code of conduct but the students can’t put inappropriate clothing on.

Students will have fieldtrips every month and there will be work that they need to fill in what they learned at that fieldtrip.

Students from Secondary one to Secondary five will have the chance to go and eat at a restaurant and will return at the usual time to school.

Students aren’t allowed to bully or do inappropriate stuff to the other students. While going outside there will be supervision to make sure that everything is right.

Students are not allowed on inappropriate sites on the computers.

At the end of the day there are two kind of services, there are daycare and there is the bus. The school will be located in Candiac QC Canada.

Heroe’s Day In Jamaica

National Heroes’ Day is an important day for Jamaica because it represents the day that slavery stopped. Slavery stopped in 1834 by the Island British Rulers. National Heroes’ Day is also called African Emancipation Day. The day that this festival occurs is the third Monday of October.

These festival heroes are all the people who went and fought for slavery. Jamaicans who have served their country for the past years can get some awards from their government on National Heroes’ Day. The popular way to spend National Heroes’ Day is by doing a little trip. Groups hire buses to go to the beach or in the country and they party all the Day and all the night. When it is National Heroes` Day in Jamaica it is like having Remembrance Day in Canada except we remember the people who fought in the war. Jamaica had seven Hero`s and Heroine`s that fought for slavery for Jamaica.

An Epic Book Series

I have started a new book called How To Speak Dragonese. This book is about a kid named Hiccup and he needs to do chores and he is the son of a Chief. At page 64 their are about four pages how to speak Dragonese and what to do about your dragon. This book is in a series but the series doesn’t have a name. Most of these books I borrow from the Library, I have 2 of those books at home.

 Dan Blog

A Tough Sport For Girls

Not long ago I read a post on Dogo News and it said that “Girls can Play Baseball Too!” This news attracted my attention because when I saw the words Baseball and Girls I suddenly knew that it wasn’t usual. This news is about girls getting acheivments like being the first female pitching and things like that. This news isn’t usual in the sense of because usually they show boys in baseball but in this news they show girls instead of boys. Something in the Dogo News made me a bit angry, some of the people think the girls are to delicate and don’t really want to let them in a baseball club.

What have me a little boost was that one day Jackie Mitchell showed up for women and played a baseball match at only the age of 17! What I learned from that news is the fact that before Jackie Mitchell was their, the men thought that baseball was for tough men and the girls were to delicate to play. But one day Jackie Mitchell was brave enough and told the men that she wanted to play baseball too. And Jackie Mitchell played a match with another team. But it doesn’t mean that there will be a baseball league for girls.

Shivery City

Ah Vancouver a nice and shivery city. I can just feel the breezes in the high and cold mountains. This was a great experience, seeing the Totems and the nice and cold rocks and the neighbor hoods. Vancouver is a good city if you like to have a breeze around each day. Lets say that If you don’t have heater in the winter you will be very cold and trust me you wont like it unless you really like cold. So this is a decision for you do you want to go to Vancouver?

Health Care Pt.1 | Blog Action Day 2014 | Edublogs

People in Canada, USA and many other countries have good health care and equipment to cure the people in their countries. Ebola is a disease that is hard to cure but it is still possible to cure the people. Our people have a lower risk of catching Ebola because we have good medication and it isn’t spreading in our countries.


Health care is important because you have a longer life less pain less stressed and you feel better. If you wouldn’t have health care that would be happening: you can get diseases get sick have pain and other emotional things. Most children in the world have good health care and doctors nurses that check if there healthy or not. Health care is a very important part of life because that is what makes you live, without health care you will not survive as long.

Children have the right to good medication such as vaccines, antidotes, lozenges, liquid medication and needles. Doctors have the right to have the good medication to cure the people that need to have medication such as stethoscope, needles and etc. People that are wealthy should give a bit of money to the people that need medication so they can have some medication.

Healthcare Pt.2 Blog Action Day 2014

Art. 6 You have the right to life. Governments should ensure that children survive and develop healthily.

Source: UNICEF Know your rights and responsibilities