Roland Drums



Dan Cool Drums

My dad has an electronic drum set with alot of gizmos. It has 7 toms, 1 snare, 6 cymbals, 1 bass drum, 1 hi-hat,4 speakers,1 SPD-SX and 1 Octapad. My dad plays extremely well on those drums, for me my dad is the best drummer in the world.

Dan 1


I like those drums because they have good sound effects and they have many wonderful different sounds. My dad can record super cool sounds and music on his SPD-SX and on his Octapad.

Dan 2

Top SPD-SX Bottom Octapad

The brand of my dad’s drums is ROLAND, one of the best drum brands in the world. My dad’s favourite hobby is playing drums. Sometimes I play the drums and I get better and better.

Dan 3

Whole set of drums

Do you have a musical instrument at home?

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My Hobbies

Dan picture (pool)Over the weekend I pretty much go outside and play. But I will be more specific. I go skateboarding I go to the park and etc. Sometimes I play computer but not a lot. When it is hot I go in my pool to refresh myself, when I have nothing to do I find some thing to do like inviting my friends over to my house. And if I have time I play board games which I don’t play very often.(Hobbies I don’t really much do) I don’t really do the following: I don’t do writing reading and not that much TV. I don’t think video games are good habits because it is addictive and you always want to play them. By the way I love eating. On the weekend reading writing extra homework and that stuff are waste of time because at school you do that stuff and I rather go outside, but if you like doing that stuff well do what you want to do.

What are your favorite hobbies?

My Two Longest Vacations

Dan HalifaxOne of my longest vacations was going to Vancouver . I needed to do stops before going to Vancouver so we stopped to Calgary. In total it took 16 hours to go to Vancouver. My 2nd longest vacation was doing the Maritimes last year 2013. I started my trip by going to Edmunston, the next morning I went to St John’s and slept there for 2 nights. Two nights later we took the ferry to Halifax and slept there also for 2 nights. Two nights later we went to Baddeck. One night later we did the Cabot Trail and went to Ding wall beach. After I took the Confederation Bridge which took 30 minutes and went to P.E.I. Charlottetown. Next morning I took a ferry to Moncton. At Moncton I went to Shediac Beach. Two nights later I went to the Magnetic Hill An optical illusion. After we headed back home and it took 9 hours.

What was your longest vacation that you ever had?

The End For Now

Hi guys, I may not write alot of post during the summer because I will be on vacation. Don’t worry about be I will return blogging in September(hopefully.) I hope you guys will relax during your summer vacation. Be ready for September because I will write new posts that you might enjoy. Don’t expect alot of posts during the summer because I will be in vacation. Bye guys see you in September. :D:D:D


Staying more than 30 minutes in my room is boring. I barely have anything to play with. In the morning I only stay in my room to sleep but now I just get out of my room and go eat. The only time l like being in my room is if I want peace and to go to sleep.  Sometimes I go play in my room but it is very rare. Sometimes I also get bored in my house because I have nothing to do. Outside is one of the places I barely get bored. When I have nothing to do and nobody is there I really get bored of being inside and outside. When I am bored, time passes slowly and when I am not bored time passes fast.



I Can’t Live Without…

Dan tipiThe luxury that I can’t live without is clothes and a watch. I can live without a house because I can just build a hut or a tipi. I would build my own stuff and get over easily with electronics. I would travel by horse or in boat like in the olden days. Luxury for me doesn’t really matter except clothes and a watch. The things that I would want, I would need to build them. But I would need to hunt to get some food. In the winter it would be harder to survive but not if I have all the resources that I would need to keep me warm. Mostly everything that I have now would be changed if I didn’t have luxury.

Dan Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

My Favorite Season

My favorite season is also summer because you don’t need to get dressed in winter clothes and you can go outside when you want. I like winter but sometimes it is very cold and I don’t like the cold. I also like summer because end of June and beginning of August we have a summer break. I like better when it is hot outside than when it is cold outside. When it is summer I like playing outside on a nice hot day with a little cool breeze. When it is very hot I usually go in the pool to cool myself off.

“My Nightmare Started Like This”

Dan My nightmare started like thisThis sentence already tells me about a nightmare that happened not long ago. That sentence is scary in a way because, if you are scared of nightmares you may not like reading that post. I like this sentence because it already tells you that there will be a lot of things that happen. Already in the book their is a lot of action so I think it is a good sentence for the book. The tittle of the book is called The Sea Of Monsters.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

If I Was Exiled To a Private Island.

Dan TentIf I was exiled to a private island I would bring a survival knife, tent equipment, paper and pencil, lighter and a book. The foods that I would bring is tacos, mango, pizza, celeri and watermelon. It would be harder to live on an exiled island than at my house because I have less resources and less stuff. But what I like about being on a exiled island is that I can train myself, do obstacles and explore.

Empire State Building

Dan Empire State buildingThe Empire State building  construction started in 1929 and finished in 1931. The Empire State building is located in New York City. The Empire State building was the tallest building from 1931 to 1970, when the One World Trade Center surpassed it. The Empire State building has 103 floors in total. And also there is 73 elevators/lifts. The height of the empire State building is 1250 feet/381 meters. Today the tallest building in the world is Burj Dubaï. The height of Burj Dubaï is 2717 feet/828 meters.