Ican Program



I tried out for the Ican program at a high school. The Ican program is a program about computers and learning about programing and other cool stuff. I wanted to try out for this program because I really want to program and learn all of the functions of the computers. The Ican program looks hard and you need a lot of concentration for this program. And what is going to be even better is that I have some of my friends the program with me.

Image property of iCan | Heritage Regional High School

Science Fair Narrowing Down

I started out with six experiments then I narrowed the experiments that I less wanted to do and the last experiment that lasted was Potatoes Make Energy”. I chose that experiment because I’ve always wondered why potatoes make electricity and why does it make energy. This narrowing down was a hard choice to do but there was some experiments to expensive and a bit less attractive.

These were my narrowing down choices:

1 Which battery Last The Longest?

2 Heat Does Energy

3 Potatoes Make Energy

4 Oil Slick Continue reading

Science Sites And Experiments

419px-BatteriesDuracellAA_AAA DAnI am writing this post because I need to do a science fair and these are some good sites for science experiments.

The first site that I found is Education.com, It has a lot of experiments and the experiment that I chose is “Which battery last the longest?” Source: Education.com           Link: http://www.education.com/worksheets/science/

The second site that I chose is Science Project.com and it has science projects for kindergarten to grade 12. The Project that I chose for this site is “Heat Does Electricity?”                                   Source: Science Project.com                 Link: http://www.scienceproject.com/

The third site that I chose is Science Buddies.org. Science Buddies help you find science fair projects in the time that they are do. I chose “Potatoes Make Energy”                           Source: Science Buddies.org                           Link: http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas.shtml

My favorite site for the science project is Science Project.com because there is the most science experiments in between those sites.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, BatteryBoy

My Best Science Fair Experiments

My first experiment is Oil Slick, I would like to do this experiment because it looks fun and interesting to learn about.          Source: Quick-But-Great Science Fair Projects. pg:73

The second experiment that I want to do is Electrostatic Flower, this experiment caught my attention because when I saw the picture of the electro flower it looked cool and I think I will like it as much as the other people.          Source: Make-It-Yourself Science Fair Project. pg:129

And the third experiment is the Magnet Levitation I chose this experiment because I like magnets and always wanted to know more about magnets.

Source: 50 Super Science Fair Projects. pg:80Dan Oil

Edublog Nominations

Best New Student Blog


The thing that I like about Neil’s blog is that he varies and always has different post that he publishes. My favorite post is the “Drop everything and read” post because it attracted my attention and made me read the post with my complete attention on it.

Best Student Blog


Corey’s blog is a blog that talks about sports and recent stuff. My favorite post on Corey’s blog is “My top ten hockey players because when I saw that post I couldn’t help myself from looking at it and looking at the top ten list.

The Blog That Inspired Me Edublogs Challenge

The blog that inspired me to write about baseball is Adam’ blog. Adam wrote about baseball and gave me the idea of writing about baseball,  my third favorite sport. Before I didn’t have the idea of writing about baseball until I found Adams blog.

In 2014 was the first year that I played baseball. I played baseball with Edward and Continue reading

668 Candiac School (My Ideal School)

My ideal school would have the required subjects plus sports and robotics (technic computer). My ideal school would have two floors and two gyms. The grades would be from Kindergarden to Secondary five.

In my ideal school everybody would have a macbook pro and at least one hour and a half of gym time every day.

Everybody won’t have homework but have longer school periods and longer work to do.  Continue reading

Heroe’s Day In Jamaica

Dan Jamaican map2Source: Jamaica Book

National Heroes’ Day is an important day for Jamaica because it represents the day that slavery stopped. Slavery stopped in 1834 by the Island British Rulers. National Heroes’ Day is also called African Emancipation Day. The day that this festival occurs is the third Monday of October. Continue reading

An Epic Book Series

I have started a new book called How To Speak Dragonese. This book is about a kid named Hiccup and he needs to do chores and he is the son of a Chief. At page 64 their are about four pages how to speak Dragonese and what to do about your dragon. This book is in a series but the series doesn’t have a name. Most of these books I borrow from the Library, I have 2 of those books at home.

 Dan Blog

A Tough Sport For Girls

Not long ago I read a post on Dogo News and it said that “Girls can Play Baseball Too!” This news attracted my attention because when I saw the words Baseball and Girls I suddenly knew that it wasn’t usual. This news is about girls getting acheivments like being the first female pitching and things like that. This news isn’t usual in the sense of because usually they show boys in baseball but in this news they show girls instead of boys. Something in the Dogo News made me a bit angry, some of the people think the girls are to delicate and don’t really want to let them in a baseball club.

What have me a little boost was that one day Jackie Mitchell showed up for women and played a baseball match at only the age of 17! What I learned from that news is the fact that before Jackie Mitchell was their, the men thought that baseball was for tough men and the girls were to delicate to play. But one day Jackie Mitchell was brave enough and told the men that she wanted to play baseball too. And Jackie Mitchell played a match with another team. But it doesn’t mean that there will be a baseball league for girls.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, ImagemanDan BAseball