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People in Canada, USA and many other countries have good health care and equipment to cure the people in their countries. Ebola is a disease that is hard to cure but it is still possible to cure the people. Our people have a lower risk of catching Ebola because we have good medication and it isn’t spreading in our countries.


Health care is important because you have a longer life less pain less stressed and you feel better. If you wouldn’t have health care that would be happening: you can get diseases get sick have pain and other emotional things. Most children in the world have good health care and doctors nurses that check if there healthy or not. Health care is a very important part of life because that is what makes you live, without health care you will not survive as long.

Children have the right to good medication such as vaccines, antidotes, lozenges, liquid medication and needles. Doctors have the right to have the good medication to cure the people that need to have medication such as stethoscope, needles and etc. People that are wealthy should give a bit of money to the people that need medication so they can have some medication.

Healthcare Pt.2 Blog Action Day 2014

Art. 6 You have the right to life. Governments should ensure that children survive and develop healthily.

Source: UNICEF Know your rights and responsibilities

A Cook That Got Murdered At A Lumber Camp < Edublog Challenge 3

The Blackville village is haunted by an Irishman named Ryan, he was a cook at a lumber camp and got murdered. Each night he gives a whooping yell, which is pretty scary. According to the tale Ryan makes a yell in the forest at the location of his death were he was buried. This is the story of Blackville one day at a lumber camp a young Irish cook came in the lumber camp, and the boss wanted to murder the cook for some strange reason, the boss murdered the cook and told the lumber jacks he was sick and passed away. So the boss and the lumbers buried the cook in the forest. That night the cook was screaming and kept the lumbers awake. I wouldn’t want to live at Blackville but i would like to go and visit Blackville.

Would you like to visit Blackville NB ?

Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons


My Summer Vacation 2014

My summer was actually pretty much exciting. My vacation first started  at camping at Oka National Park. It was cool and interesting. We went to the beach and did some activities. Next we went to Tremblant, I went in the mountains and did a lot of activities and etc. After I went to my grandparents house and did ATV and activities. I went to Bromont airshow and got Guy Lafleur’s signature and a badge. I know I did more activities but I had so much vacations that I can’t remember all the things I did during my vacation time. This year I had a good vacation and liked it.Dan online tremblantPhoto Credit Wikimedia commons.

Should athletes who behave badly in their private lives be punished professionally?

Adrian Peterson hit his child with a stick because they were fighting over a video game. Ray Rice punched his wife because she spat on him in an argument.  I think that that is incorrect because they shouldn’t act up like that on their family. I think it is unfair of showing those arguments or fight on the news because it is their private life and deal about it (unless they want to show it.)

Should the football players be punished by the NFL?  I think the NFL should punish Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice because there are responsible for the players that are rough and fight their family or other people. Continue reading

My Hobbies

Dan picture (pool)Over the weekend I pretty much go outside and play. But I will be more specific. I go skateboarding I go to the park and etc. Sometimes I play computer but not a lot. When it is hot I go in my pool to refresh myself, when I have nothing to do I find some thing to do like inviting my friends over to my house. And if I have time I play board games which I don’t play very often.(Hobbies I don’t really much do) I don’t really do the following: I don’t do writing reading and not that much TV. I don’t think video games are good habits because it is addictive and you always want to play them. By the way I love eating. On the weekend reading writing extra homework and that stuff are waste of time because at school you do that stuff and I rather go outside, but if you like doing that stuff well do what you want to do.

What are your favorite hobbies?

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My Two Longest Vacations

Dan HalifaxOne of my longest vacations was going to Vancouver . I needed to do stops before going to Vancouver so we stopped to Calgary. In total it took 16 hours to go to Vancouver. My 2nd longest vacation was doing the Maritimes last year 2013. I started my trip by going to Edmunston, the next morning I went to St John’s and slept there for 2 nights. Two nights later we took the ferry to Halifax and slept there also for 2 nights. Two nights later we went to Baddeck. One night later we did the Cabot Trail and went to Ding wall beach. After I took the Confederation Bridge which took 30 minutes and went to P.E.I. Charlottetown. Next morning I took a ferry to Moncton. At Moncton I went to Shediac Beach. Two nights later I went to the Magnetic Hill An optical illusion. After we headed back home and it took 9 hours.

What was your longest vacation that you ever had?

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The End For Now

Hi guys, I may not write alot of post during the summer because I will be on vacation. Don’t worry about be I will return blogging in September(hopefully.) I hope you guys will relax during your summer vacation. Be ready for September because I will write new posts that you might enjoy. Don’t expect alot of posts during the summer because I will be in vacation. Bye guys see you in September. :D:D:D